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Author: Osaro Oghadeva / Posted: 21.08.19, 13:37:32

Hey my favorite people, how you doing? 

I know l've been AWOL for almost a month. Forgive me, for I have been busy (I still am)! 

However, I'm uber excited to announce a new story publication that I've had in my draft for months. It's titled:


This story is purely Nigerian (The characters, setting, plot, and all). 

Don't worry, The part three of the #When series will be out soon but that will be when I finally have some free time (which is soon). So keep your fingers crossed! 

I sincerely hope you all read this new story because it's quite different from the rest and you'll garner more knowledge about the Nigerian culture which is my heritage!

I look forward to your comments. 

PS. It is a "Short Story" comprising of about four Chapters (excluding the Prologue and Epilogue). 

PPS. I will be updating two chapters per week! 

Thank you all so much! 



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PRINCESS LAZAGA 22.08.2019, 14:25:09

Wow , I will definitely read it

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PRINCESS LAZAGA 23.08.2019, 06:58:28

Osaro Oghadeva , your welcome

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