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Author: Ashleh Queen / Posted: 25.08.19, 12:47:13

Hello everyone, 

I know I have not been replying to any of the comments and not even updating the story. Just know that I am really sorry. I understand how it feels like when someone stops updating the story you are hooked on or even the writer does not reply to your commets. Most of you already know that I have a very hectic job. But past weeks were crazy. 

  • My mother was diagnosed with depression.
  • My brother was in an accident and though unintentionally I was partially responsible. 
  • And my younger sister has her finals in university.

Leaving me the only option who had to do the cooking, grocery and even getting my mother and brother to their check ups, along with my jobs that pays my bills. I am not complaining. its just life and I know everyone has their own issues. And I was doing great. But still it didnt leave me with any time that i could get to write my stories or reply to the comments.

Everything was going great until I got my left hand severely burned leaving me with almost six blisters. And now my cousin is helping me out a lot with many of my responsibilities. 

Just be a little more patient with me. I will get back. And about shattered I am gonna write some chapters on it first as it has been ignored for all too long. Plus, for shattered I am planning to have more than one book. So, I will try to finish this one soon. So, I can work on the other sooner. 

Stay blessed, happy and healthy with your loved ones. 


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Urooj 28.08.2019, 12:18:31

Stay blessed ash... Take care of yourself nd your family.. Hope you're doing well. ?

Jenifer Cabalona 28.08.2019, 01:02:50

Hi Ashleh sorry to hear that, praying for fast recovery of your mother and also your brother. You too takecare and keep safe always.

Akins Ayomi 27.08.2019, 11:24:48

Accept my empathy dear.
I pray God will make every crooked path straight for you and your family.

Delicia Haupt 27.08.2019, 10:19:24

I'm really sorry to hear that, I wish you a speedy recover and pray that everything will be okay with you family.

Dewi Linggiawati 26.08.2019, 01:39:43

I'm sorry to hear that,hope everythings gonna be okay.please dont forget to upudate contract marriage soon....dont let us wait too long.i like the story so far..

cherry kisses 25.08.2019, 20:25:53

take care of you and your family

Fazila Aslam 25.08.2019, 20:11:11

Stay blessed Ash....

mrs Khurram 25.08.2019, 19:40:02

May Allah pak bless ur mom nd brother...
Nd u also Get well soon ...
We are sorry for being impatient...

Samar Sam 25.08.2019, 14:36:52

May Allah pak give u strength to take care of ur family n ur self ....... in shaa Allah every will go well soon dnt worry about updates itx okay we can wait until u cr

Efua Kyerewaa 25.08.2019, 14:10:57

Sorry dear, God is your helper

Roza Csergo 25.08.2019, 13:24:33

I'm sorry dear for all you have to endure.
My mother has alzheimer's disease and I take care of her and my baby, husband, household, writing, everything. When I feel like I'm drowning I remind myself the beautiful moments with my beloved ones and that helps me through tough times.
I have a pakistani neighbour who knows of my mother's situation and he told me that I'm earning my place in heaven. It was so nice to hear that.
Don't get discouraged, you need to be present for your family and everyone will understand that. Update when you can. I hope your mother and brother will recover soon. And I wish good luck to your sister. Also, I wish you health and stamina to keep going forward and keep being an amazing person, someone who looks after her family and thrives in difficult times.

diamond46 25.08.2019, 12:56:54

So sorry to hear this:-)

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