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First Love and This Isn't Goodbye updated

Author: Goodness / Posted: 25.08.19, 20:20:15

Sorry that this is coming late guys, I only updated and forgot to post about it. I have added a chapter to each book, First Love and This Isn't Goodbye, I'm going to update another soon, please don't forget to read the chapters and give me your reviews, I love hearing from my readers.

Have fun reading the new chapters : )


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Akins Ayomi 27.08.2019, 11:25:56

Alright ma
Please update ASAP

Ruechari 25.08.2019, 20:39:21

YAY! So excited...

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Goodness 26.08.2019, 10:14:44

Ruechari, OK dear, take your time : )

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