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Please Ignore the post that my book is Complete.

Author: Ruechari / Posted: 05.09.19, 05:01:22

I was trying to help a fellow author with a walkthrough on how to mark her story complete when I had forgotten you don't have to save or update your changes, that when you mark your book complete it automatically does so and sends out a post to anyone who has the book in their library. 




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Adelaida Reyes Jose 07.09.2019, 13:22:26

Bb by MN ng

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Adelaida Reyes Jose 07.09.2019, 13:27:57

We jbjob j NBo op ni n

Goodness 05.09.2019, 10:11:05

Good for I was like whaaaaaat!!! When I saw the post, but thankfully, this one was already there waiting : )

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Ruechari 05.09.2019, 15:29:56

Goodness, Yeah I wish...

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