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Reader Flat Line

Author: SavannahGeorgia / Posted: 06.09.19, 09:38:44

So...idk what happened, but I went from near one-hundred readers one day to zero for the next three. Usually I get a little spike in reads when I update, but not even one new read. Sooooooo, I don't know, I guess I'm concerned. Is the book that bad, is it a bug, is it just not showing up in line-ups, or did the 18+ restrction cripple me THAT much. Idk (x3), I'm no high-teir writer on the site, but I am nervous. My stories have stagnating and, well, I want to know if sticking around is a good idea.

If it does keep up, I'll just scrap the project and try something else, but it is a little odd. I'm probably just whining, sorry.


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Litnet Authors 10.09.2019, 14:15:18

I hope you stick around. I think as Brad said. This isn't an exact science. My books have been all over the place as far as reads. I think the jump, in the beginning, is that you hit a number of the Widgets. Your book appears in New Releases, Recently Updated and that usually jumps the book into the trending or Top books category if only for a day or so. You have to give it a little more time, keep updating regularly and you should see a return on your story. - Ruechari

Brad Emshwiller 06.09.2019, 15:47:20

Natural to have concerns. Since I only post completed short stories I get a bunch of reads in the first week and then nothing but singles or doubles at intervals afterward. I wouldn’t leave altogether, the platform is still having growing pains.

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