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Author: HypGothic / Posted: 09.10.19, 12:09:43

The Tycoon's Undercover Daughter is finally complete.  I have been writing this story since the day before Valentiene's Day this year, as a gift to the romance genre.  I wanted to write the kind of story that a mother and daughter could sit together and read and both enjoy it equally.  I also wanted to gift this story to New York and tribute the romance movies of the bygone era.  I also wanted it to be a message of belief and hope that the spirt of New York that still bands together when disaster does happen, or romance blooms, still exists today.  We just have to scratch the surface of modern cynicism and believe.  Believe in romance, believe in magic, believe in a world where respect is the norm.  Stay true to yourselves and fly.   To quote Peter Pan, "I do believe in faries! I do, I do!"


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Ruechari 09.10.2019, 14:21:44

Beautiful!!! Thank you for such a great gift!

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Ruechari 10.10.2019, 15:16:04

HypGothic, Same here! : )

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