Can you be my reader?

Author: Theasantos017 / Posted: 28.10.19, 18:55:55

Hi! Newbie here! I hope you can support my upcoming story! I'm not good in English so don't expect to much to my upcoming stories but still please support me. 


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Mahnoor Khan 09.11.2019, 19:29:25

Heyaa !! so first of all welcome to litnet and though m a newbie too but english is not my first language but i can help you in writing. Its been since three months that i uploaded my first story ever, I would gladly read your story but please would you read mine too? Thanks and btw i have followed you so can i get a follow back? XOXO

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Theasantos017 10.11.2019, 14:24:21

Mahnoor Khan, Sure

Kasey M.C. 02.11.2019, 22:20:49

Hello, and welcome to Litnet. Sure, I can be your reader and it's a good thing that you have people here who can help you. Good luck on your writing journey.

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Kasey M.C. 07.11.2019, 20:11:57

Theasantos017, You're welcome!

L.M.A 02.11.2019, 12:22:11

Welcome to the Lit community Theasantos017

although I'm still three months here as well so yah. but that does not matter. what matter is the story that you can portray. Please posts to your heart's contents your beautiful stories and we will read and help you on the way.

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Theasantos017 02.11.2019, 18:57:44

L.M.A, Thank you!

Dee Peric 28.10.2019, 22:24:09

what kind of stories do you write?

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L.M.A 02.11.2019, 12:23:59

Theasantos017, yes!! please do

Galena Ice 29.10.2019, 02:01:53

Welcome to the Lit Community!
I can help you with some of your work as a co-author if you'd like.
I have been writing for a while, about 4 years now, and English is my first language.

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Dark devil 02.11.2019, 07:40:54 is my
Email address

Celeste I. 01.11.2019, 03:22:20

Welcome to Litnet. I hope you enjoy your time here. English is my primary language, so I might not be able to understand your stories in that case. But, I'll still do my best to support you and your journey. Best of luck to you~

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