Happy Halloween/ Samhain!!!!

Author: Twiggy / Posted: 31.10.19, 12:56:09

Hail all Amazing readers!

Happy Halloween/ Samhain to all!
Today is the day where all your childhood fears are free to come out and play!
Where all the ghosies, ghouls and long leggedy beasties roam free!

I'd like to say thank you very much for those that have so far given my book consideration and/or added it to their libraries! It means a lot and I'm grateful for the reads!

Thank you as well to my 5 followers! Seeing your follows on my Profile tab really gives me the motivation to keep updating my book and give you something worth reading.

For those that want to comment and rip into my book with possible corrections or ways I can make it better? Have at it! I'm counting on that kind of feedback! Be Brutal and bluntly honest! Be that noisy polterghiest that creates chaos!


For tonight, may you all have sweet dreams and delightful screams.

And don't let the boogeyman bite...  XD


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Celeste I. 01.11.2019, 03:27:56

Happy Halloween to you too. I haven't read your story, yet I'm afraid, but I do have it in my library, so I'm hoping to find time to read it soon. Then, I can leave a review afterward; I'm hoping I can see the fine line between criticism and positivity. I don't want to come off as too mean, though.

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Celeste I. 12.11.2019, 11:21:16

Twiggy, Sometimes I wish I had a good sense of smell.

I go through so many drafts on my book; it's not even funny... that funny.

Exactly, that might make it easier for me to concentrate on my work if I stop procrastinating and getting sidetracked every other second.

I do something similar after I leave the draft alone for a couple of months. I do let some close people of mine take a look at it to hear their thoughts on it beforehand. Good thing they love literature too~

Great that you love PC; I never played those games, though. I'll take your word for it.

P.S., It's okay, I have similar issues with replying late anyway, especially with work and schedules and the like.

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