Author: Jessica Wright / Posted: 23.11.19, 05:29:09

Out of my slump! Should have the next chapter of Curse's End up by tomorrow! Sorry for my issues! I've realized I'm a great writer and should continue! I still suck and hate most of what I've written, but I have great potential which I will probably never achieve! Even if my writing is terrible, I'm compelled to continue and must inflict it upon the world! I hope you enjoy the next chapter of Kamali! It's either brilliance or garbage. I, honestly, have no idea at this point, but I can't seem to stop.


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Misbah Alam 14.02.2020, 22:53:59

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Jessica Wright 24.11.2019, 05:17:25

Sorry in advance to anyone reading Curse's End. I had to do it

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