"Take A Chance On Me" Update- Chapter 6

Author: Emma Swan guru / Posted: 26.11.19, 23:14:04

Hi, Y'all!!!!

Chapter 6 of "Take A Chance On Me" is out now!!!! This new story is coming out so well... I've started the translation of chapter 7. You're in for a treat, trust me!!!!

Please, read the story and let me know what do you think about it.
Don't forget to like, comment and save my new novel to your library so you get the latest updates right away. 

Thank you for your patience!
Baci e abbracci. 


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Mutuwa Winnie 30.11.2019, 13:38:36

Pliz chapter eight seriously waiting

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Emma Swan guru 30.11.2019, 16:27:34

Mutuwa Winnie, I'm going as fast as I can! Hang on, please!

Mutuwa Winnie 27.11.2019, 08:56:08

That's NYC of you dia

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