Once Upon A Time Contest - Ends Today

Author: Litnet Authors / Posted: 30.11.19, 15:07:49

TODAY is the last day for our Once Upon A Now Contest. Thank you, to the many of you who had submitted your stories up to be read. We have had some great entries offered to us. 

If you are one of the few who have not completed your story, today is the FINAL day. So if you wish to be included in our finals for the prize of an exclusive interview, a LItnet Story Reward, A Story Review,  and a digital sticker designating you as our winner. Plus, special advertisement on and from Litnet, helping to boost its author’s reading audience, you MUST have your story complete, marked complete and your email sent to litnet by the end of today or you will not be considered. 


REMEMBER that final step...

When you complete your story you will have to send an email to the contest’s moderator (contests@litnet.com) letting them know that your participating book is complete. Only completed stories will be considered for the shortlist and winning book, so be certain to mark your story as COMPLETE on your Litnet profile.


The format of the letter:

Topic: “Once upon a Time,” Story Complete

Text: I (your name-pseudonym + link to your Litnet profile) have completed my story “Name of Your book” on (date when you have finished) and have published and submitted it for the contest in full. Please include my story in the list of the finalists.

After this, your story will be among the contest’s finalist and you will be considered for the main prize.


We will announce on MONDAY those books that are up for consideration out of the 28 stories that participated. 

So, don't delay. Get those stories wrapped up and get those emails in. We hope you will be part of the final count. 



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