Going to Europe!!!

Author: SavannahGeorgia / Posted: 30.11.19, 22:46:28

So....yea. Got accepted into a two-week writing program/study trip in Europe and will be flying out tomorrow. I'M SO EXCITED, WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY. I'll still be updating daily/bi-daily and the project getting special treatment on this trip is *drum roll* CARINA. So, that will be coming back soon and Birds/Feather will still be continued as well. But yea, I'm excited!


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Andrew admin 02.12.2019, 22:07:43

Great! What country are you going to? :)

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SavannahGeorgia 02.12.2019, 23:10:23

Germany, Berlin specifically. I’ll be walking around first opportunity I get. So exciting!

Celeste I. 30.11.2019, 23:50:41

Congratulations, what an opportunity indeed! Have a safe flight and good luck~

Carina is a great story so far, so I'm glad to see it's getting special treatment~

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