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Author: Alex Scrivenor / Posted: 01.12.19, 23:14:40

Alright, so if you've been following the book OPHIUCHUS, you may have noticed there's about five chapters that should already be out because I like to publish weekly. Well, I've been working on them, I will publish all five episodes, I'm thinking of some fun way to do that... but I thought you should know why they haven't come out yet.

The reason is, college. As I said, this is my very first semester on college, managing it and this has proven to be quite the challenge, but this week will be the last, or I hope it is, so after this week, maybe expect those chapters, I'm not saying to wait for them to be out this sunday because I'm not sure I'll finish the book by then, but I will try my best.

Also, I'm going to try to finish writing the book by christmas, which means that I'll probably, agian, probably, be putting out some chapters out around christmas, maybe the first chapter out of part 3 in the book.

And here's my proposal around that:

I wrote a small story about a girl who gets run over by a cat and her journey on discovery towars the woman she loves. It's a story surrounding some LGBTQ+ characters, their world and their truth, and it would be a kind of branch from the tree. Or a spinoff about the creatures in this world of magicians, and mafias and organizations. But my question is, do you want me to publish the story?

If you do, take in mind the chapters of ophiuchus would be delayed a bit, the christmas ones. Ergo, instead of publishing some chapters by christmas, I'd be publishing this LGBTQ+ story. But I want you to decide, because I will be putting out withing ALL my books some representation of the comunity, so really it's just a matter of: do you want to see it this christmass or next year?

I await your comments.

Good Luck!!!


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simon 1982 03.12.2019, 08:56:20

Hi I would say do it if you feel like it is ready share it

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