Full cast of A Royal Gift

Author: Roza Csergo / Posted: 01.12.19, 23:18:07

Hello Everyone, 

It's coming a bit late due to some health issues, but I'm happy to announce that I finished my contest entry and below you can find a link to check out the characters. It will take you to my facebook page. I tried adding a picture to this post, but it's not working, hence the link. 

Full cast of A Royal Gift

Are they as you imagined? Please let me know. 

Thank you, dear wonderful people, for your neverending support. 

I'm humbled by your generosity. 

Best wishes, Roza


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Babs 02.12.2019, 10:39:32

Well done to be able to get it completed in time ^_^
I on the other hand did not make it in the end, just too busy with the Fedor story to be able to concentrate on anything else, plus I was unable to get it down to the right amount. giggle I am hopeless at writing short stories. Anyway I wish you all the best :D

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