Elliana's Ball Gown

Author: A. Tweed / Posted: 02.12.19, 04:34:30

​​​​​​Hello readers. While I am working on edits, I want to also share something else with you, that I feel makes my story seem a little more fun. (At least for me)

So, if you have read in my 'about me' you know I also sew. The chapter isn't up yet, but later in The Enchanted Oak, Elliana attends a ball. I try to describe her gown in full details, but I think you should just see it for yourself. I actually created her gown. If this works, a link to the image of her gown will be with this post... Forgive me if not (I'm still very new to this)


Gown image on Instagram


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Jessica Wright 02.12.2019, 05:05:02

You're as beautiful as ever, my love!

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Kissy emoji. Hehehe

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