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I first want to thank everyone that had submitted a story for our Once Upon A Time Contest held here on Litnet by Litnet Authors and The Writers Group. Of the 28 accepted stories, 23 of you have met all the criteria set down by the rules to be judged for our final prize.


We are excited to announce those 23 stories here:


STORY - Author

Acceptance  - LMA

A Royal Disguise –Ciana Frost

For A Risk of Darkness –N J Harlow

Rainbow Rising –Holley Dovetail

A Royal Gift –Roza Csergo

Duchess of the Dunes – MD JAU

Mark Bearers –Galena Ice

Hiwaga and Alfonso – Plume Alter

A Girl and Her Dragon- Girl Between Stars

Path to Crown – K R Webber

The Secret of the Guardian of Dreams – Aillin Ai

Ring of Sorrows – Michael Romain

Angel’s Advice – Vijay Kerji

Wolf and pigs – Simon 1982

Hades Untold – Cherine Olivier

The Winter’s Tale- Крися

The Death Wash- Joscelyn R Green

Moonchild – MD JAU

The Magician - Крися

Small World Problem – K R Webber

Grim- Brad Emshwiller

Venin – Mahnoor Khan

In a Land Long Away- Simon 1982


Of these 23 stories are now being reviewed there will be only one winner.

That author will receive from Litnet Authors:

An exclusive interview for Author Spotlight that will be made available on the Litnet Authors Facebook page (our public page), shared to The Writer’s Club (our closed group) and posted in our book on our Litnet Authors profile.

The winning story will receive the highest Litnet Reward offered on that story. (+5 stars a book, +2 coins for the author)

A story review, in the Book Nook by our moderators, telling everyone why the story was chosen as our winner.

A digital winner sticker will be provided for the book touting that author’s story as the winner of the contest.

Moreover, the winning book will also receive special advertisement on and from Litnet, helping to boost its author’s reading audience.

We will be short-listing our Top Ten picks in just a few short weeks. So stay tuned as we get to our 3 finalists and then our one Winner of the Once Upon A Time Contest.

Litnet Authors / The Writers Club





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HypGothic guru 02.12.2019, 07:04:46

Well done to everyone who made the list. You should all be very proud of yourselves.

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L.M.A 03.12.2019, 00:55:52


Vijay Kerji 02.12.2019, 15:57:25

Congratulations to those who made it, and I admire the judges,who are reading all these stories and preparing the final list

Emma Swan guru 02.12.2019, 13:57:00

Well done, y'all!!!! Such good stories! Sorry that there can be only one winner!!!! Once this will be over, some of you have some good ideas for a novel. Think about it!!!! Congrats, Gang!!!!

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Крися 02.12.2019, 14:27:47

Emma Swan, :)

Roza Csergo 02.12.2019, 07:01:38

Thanks guys for organizing this contest.
Everyone, congrats and well done. ♥

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