New Update - Rohita A Love Story

Author: Vijay Kerji / Posted: 02.12.19, 08:48:43

My Dear Readers/Authors,

I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday and ready to start a fresh week. I am sure you enjoyed reading my stories on Litnet and found the stories entertaining.

Today, as per the schedule, I updated my Romance genre novel - 'Rohita a Love Story'. So far in the story, we learned that Milind and Rohita have come to New Jersey after getting married in India. In the previous chapter, they both met Milind's friends, Snehal and Ajit in their apartment. Rohita came to know about how to progress her medical career in the USA from Ajit.

In this chapter, Rohita tries to discuss her career matter with Milind. Will she be successful in convincing him about her interest? Read On.

If you like the story, don't forget to add it to your library, like it, share your thoughts and follow me to receive the new updates. I hope you'll enjoy reading it and I wish you all a HAPPY READING!


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