Contract Marriage "2" Giveaway post

Author: Ashleh Queen / Posted: 11.12.19, 16:30:12

All of the participants are supposed to comment below. 

Remember making more than one comment will not serve any benefit. 

We all know the winners are going to be only five of us and a lot of you will be disappointed but for this moment just relax and leave the rest to your fate. 

Tell me if you first find the story on Litnet, Inkitt or Wattpad. Or you can leave your username from Instagram or Facebook so I can reach you in case you win. Remember not leaving your username or not telling from which site you are doesn't make you disqualified. All persons having their comments below are participants and will be considered for the giveaway.

The comments are welcome for 48 hours from the moment this post is made and the results will be announced hours later. 

And it will mean a lot to me if you will drop a comment below.

Love you all. Just know I am nothing without your support and love. 


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