First Book Now at Amazon and Smashwords

Author: Penn Fawn / Posted: 13.01.20, 21:02:37

Book One of Book One is availble now at Amazon and Smashwords.

If you want to download it to your reader, for now, please go to the Smashwords site. I say this because Amazon has not matched their free download price yet.

Book One of Book One, as the name implies, is just the beginning, the introduction to the series. It is the first part of Book One. There is a part two to Book One, an additional ten chapters. The release date for the continuation of the first book in its entirety, all eighteen chapters, is May 1st, 2020. It will be released in eBook and paperback format.

If you'd like to get an eBook for no charge (see cover below) in exchange for an honest review, join my email list for an advanced reader copy.

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Brad Emshwiller 13.01.2020, 22:00:54

That’s excellent cover design.

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Penn Fawn 13.01.2020, 22:23:30

Brad Emshwiller, Thank you, sir. Go to the first page on my homepage to check out the art for the full spread. Here:

Spoiler. The archangel appears in the later part of Book One, featured above.

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