Forever Ruined -Updated

Author: Ruechari guru / Posted: 13.02.20, 18:07:55

Hello my wonderful readers, 

I have updated Forever Ruined. I'm sorry I have fallen behind on Someone To Watch Over Me but I hope to have an update for you soon. Also updated this week was Behind the Eight Ball if you missed that update. 

I hope you enjoy. 

Happy Reading!




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Michael A. Romain 14.02.2020, 00:06:03


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Michael A. Romain 16.02.2020, 05:47:12

Ruechari, :) lol

elizabeth 15.02.2020, 01:16:39

Great. Thank you

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Ruechari guru 15.02.2020, 01:19:38

elizabeth, You're welcome!

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