Happy Valentine's Day!

Author: Emma Swan guru / Posted: 14.02.20, 17:30:25

Hi, Y'all!!!!

A few years ago, I got dumped on Valentine's Day by a man that I thought wanted a family with me. He didn't and we broke up. That same day, I stopped writing and stopped celebrating Valentine's Day. I couldn't go on creating stories about love when love crushed my heart. I just closed my notebooks and my computer and I assumed a position that was decided for me, that was pain-free, love free. It was all about work-home, home-work. 

Three years ago, destiny decided that I had enough of going around alone and put on my path a wonderful man, sweet, carrying, amazing. We don't have a lot in common, but nonetheless, we clicked. We talk, we laugh, we argue, but we love each other and we respect each other. He has his passions and I have mine. He likes music equipment and hi-fi stuff and I like to write. When we found each other, I knew that I found love and the will to do great things again. He might not like so much my writing ("to much mushy stuff"), but he is with me every step of the way, giving me the environment that I need to write, giving me his patience when I'm not coming to bed at a decent hour, and he pushes me to do better. 

I write about love... I don't know how to write about other stuff. Even if my writing is fictional, even if it's just my imagination running away with me (thanks, Temptations), even if I exaggerate because I want my stories to be filled with happiness and that kind of passion that might not be always real, even if people will choose not to read it because "this is crap, is not real enough, you could do so much better", I will always go on and write about love. The love that broke my heart once or twice, the love that almost killed me, the love that saved me from darkness, the love that is making me waking up in the morning, sit in front of my computer and do what I LOVE to do best: write about feelings, about passion, about happiness, about LOVE. 

I hope that you will never lose your faith in love because let's face it when it's over, we hurt like hell, but living without it is not living, it's dying a slow and painful death. 

Happy Valentine's Day, you beautiful people! I'm sending you all my love and my gratitude!


Baci e Abbracci, 

Emma Swan. 



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Ruechari guru 17.02.2020, 14:30:38

Happy Valentines Day!

Michael A. Romain 16.02.2020, 05:51:31


Ashleh Queen 15.02.2020, 14:43:26

Wow! I wish everyone can have their destined one like you. Sending you love, too.

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Emma Swan guru 16.02.2020, 01:50:32

Ashleh Queen, I wish that too. But you can't lose hope. The rest will come. I appreciate your comment. Hugs!

Annie 14.02.2020, 17:56:35

Happy valentines day to u!! Hope you get someone very special soon into ur life who will love u and cherish u forever and increase your faith in love and inspire you to write more romantic novels. Love you a lot♡♡ hugs and kisses from me *^_^*♡

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Annie 15.02.2020, 14:03:39

Emma Swan, thanks a lot

elizabeth 15.02.2020, 01:13:04

Happy Valentine's day to you Emma
I am glad that you found in him the happiness you deserve. I wish you well dear

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Emma Swan guru 15.02.2020, 01:15:50

elizabeth, He is mine to have and to hold... Thank you so much, Elizabeth! I wish you the same!

Izzy 15.02.2020, 01:07:47

Happy Valentine’s Day!❤️

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Emma Swan guru 15.02.2020, 01:15:00

Izzy, Happy Valentine's Day to you too!

Goodness Shadrach guru 14.02.2020, 22:43:37

The stupid idiot didn't deserve you which was why you broke up so you can meet your prince charming. I'm so sorry for the pains you had to go through but I'm happy you moved on and find your special one : )
Lot's of love from me sweetheart and I wish you both all the happiness you deserve. Happy Valentine baby ❤

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Emma Swan guru 15.02.2020, 00:33:41

Goodness Shadrach, It's ok, the pain is there to remind you that you're still alive and kicking, it allows you to evolve, to grow. Now I'm much better. Thank you so much! Happy Valentine's Day to you too!

Goodness Shadrach guru 14.02.2020, 22:43:27

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Крися 14.02.2020, 20:16:37

Happy Valentine's Day

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Emma Swan guru 14.02.2020, 20:38:46

Крися, Happy Valentine's Day to you too

tetsoma ogbemi 14.02.2020, 18:54:54

Happy valentine's Day

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Emma Swan guru 14.02.2020, 19:09:37

tetsoma ogbemi, Thank you! You too!

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