Happy Valentine's Day (+updates)

Author: Celeste I. / Posted: 14.02.20, 23:29:03

Ah, Valentine's day, the holiday where one is thankful for the people you love and care about. Friends, family, significant others, etc. Hope you enjoy spending time with your loved ones! Even if you're single (like some people I know that I won't name), still enjoy your life to the fullest and appreciate being free! Sorry, I'm bad at words, I'm also not the biggest fan of the holiday, but I know it also holds a special place in a lot of people's hearts. It's also a good time for smelling the pretty flowers an eating delicious chocolate, but that's not the most important time of this day. However you choose to spend it, hope you have a nice Valentine's day~

As for updates, there won't be an episode out today. I have plans to do, so I won't be able to post today. Expect a new episode of Land of the Unknown sometime tomorrow instead. Sorry for the inconvenience (and for being bad at explaining and putting things into words), I hope you understand.


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Izzy 15.02.2020, 01:05:46

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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