Happy Valentine's Day!!!! (a special-ish coming)

Author: Alex Scrivenor / Posted: 15.02.20, 01:18:22

I hope you're having an amazing day with whomever your special someone is, and with your friends, or just by youself, staring at a window with your phone, or computer, reading something, or maybe just watching some movies and relaxing, because we really don't need that many things, unless you want them...

To celebrate this day, and also because I've been wanting to make a three episode special since forever (with OPHIUCHUS at least), I decided to publish one chapter today, one tomorrow and the last one on the usual day, at the usual hour. So, I hope you enjoy them...

Also, 27K on HOPELESS MEMORIES OF SUMMER!!!!! This book wasn't even going to see the light of day and now it's being read like crazy! THANK YOU!!! I didn't think you'd like it to be honest... it sure is one of the few stories I do because there's something at school that I'm being asked to do.

So, yeah... thank you, have an awsome day, and read the updates please...

Good Luck!!!


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