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Author: Mitikiwostky / Uploaded: 02.12.18, 19:26:06

And welcome to my humble page! 

I only started here by a friend's recommendation, so I wanted to introduce myself and my work.

My name is Milady and I am from Puerto Rico. I started writing like four years ago but I've only been sharing for about a year. All this time I've uploading my work on another page, which is where I'm bringing my stories from. 

Most of what you'll find here is fanfiction. However, that is not all I do. One of my pieces, Anamnesis, is an original. I also have a complete novel, which I might also post here on Litnet. 

You can expect two things from my original content:

-Afro-Caribbean female leads. I decided to do this because I think we need representation.

-multicultural/multiracial romances. I love all kind of men and I want my girls to experience variety. Polynesian, Native American, Africans, Eastern Europeans, Asians...yummy. 

I will be uploading my OC little by little. 

Thank you for reading! <3


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