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Living To Adulthood In A World Most Die Young

Author: The Terakali / Uploaded: 06.12.18, 17:13:37

Draga's childhood is never really explored in Fickle Things, so I figured I'd go over his past here. If enough people want it, I might have it experienced or recalled in a flashback or something.


Draga is not home to the world he was raised in. For the first six years of his life, he existed on a world very similar to Earth. The history was different, but the actual planet and laws of the world were very much the same. As a child, though, he had a dream- a foolish one, but a dream nonetheless. He wanted to become God.

Within a normal reality, that was obviously completely impossible, and he was hardly alone in his wishful thinking. He was unique, however, in being given the chance by the mischevious deity named Tetral.

Long before Draga's lifetime, and in another universe, Tetral; was born from the wish of a man named Kilik. In his dying moments, he wanted simply to play a game with someone, and the presence of the Chikami was enough to bring his wish into reality. Unfortunately, he wasn't long for the world, and perished after only a single game with the newly formed god.

Having technically won the Chikami from Kilik, Tet made a promise to play with Kilik again. Unfortunately, this wasn't really possible. As powerful as Tet became after taking the artifact for himself, his universe didn't yet have an afterlife. Kilik was just... Gone.

That wasn't enough to stop Tetral, though. He gazed out from his one reality, searching for being which matched Kilik mentally and physically. Given the multiverse- or Omniverse, in this case- he found many of them, and brought Draga in among others.

Each of the sixteen he chose was given their own place within the world, among the various species. Many... Did not last very long, and only two actually lived long enough to fulfill the promise- Draga and Jak.

Jak had it easy, having been drawn in when he was almost an adult and being placed among human society, but Draga was far younger. To accomodate for the difference, he was placed much earlier in the world, but he was given the unfortunate assigned species of Demons.

Demons on Chelnephus- the planet in question- aren't exactly evil, which was good. They aren't particularly kind, though, and even less so to humans, which put Draga in a tough spot. That was until they realized how he got there, upon which he was immediately brought to the then Demon King Al'Akir. 

Having already known the purpose Tet had for the redheaded humans he brought into the world, he recognized the usefulness of the child, and accepted him into the royal court alongside his son- Kirase. Despite the age difference of two years, they got along swimmingly- mostly because Kirase liked to take the form of a small dog. 

Draga wasn't given a traditional education as he grew up- why would he be? While he was given some free time, some of which he did use to read up on the world, he was raised for the express purpose of eventually battling Tet. He wasn't even necessarily taught to win at the various competitions he would be put in, so much as to not lose. The Demons didn't really have much to offer, living underground in land nobody else wanted, so they couldn't afford to be defeated.

Draga actually took to that lifestyle pretty well, and this is where he actually acquired his name. Originally, he'd been called Asmodeas after the serpent which was guarding the only known tunnel a human could have survived the trip to Hell through. Draga Konungur, however, means 'The King of Draws'. 

It wasn't perfect, down below, but it was home. Having the kings support made it hard to really touch him, and he had little interest in mingling with the populace anyway. He spent all his time with Kirase and Al'Akir, while adopting their ideologies as a kid is known to do.

Now... Accepting the morality of Demons, no matter how forthrite and upstanding they may be, is going to have some consequences. With no way to leave Hell, until he was already an adult, there was no way to dissuade him from the more, erm... Sociopathic tendencies. He doesn't intentionally spread suffering for no reason, but has no qualms about causing it if it suits his purposes, and this is before Gamer's Mind makes him incapable of regret or guilt. 

Fortunately, when he was around twenty (they didn't know his actual birthday, and neither did he), he was able to have one of the Wyvern-class Demons fly him up to the surface to begin the quest of Exceed. It went pretty well, all things considered, since he was able to actually win, fulfilling Tet's promise to Kilik.


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