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I will draw illustrations to order

Author: Ирен Нерри / Uploaded: 09.12.18, 22:22:59

Dear authors, perhaps someone would like to order illustrations for your books. Some have already approached me with such requests, so I decided maybe someone else wants to.

Exclusive drawings of your characters and scenes from your stories.

I will not say that I can do everything, but I will try to portray your plans. Remuneration by agreement, depending on the complexity.)))

For example illustrations (if you can not see all, as always, update the page)
(Sorry for my English)


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Крися 10.12.2018, 08:55:57

Good morning! Nice to meet yoy there :)

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Ирен Нерри 10.12.2018, 11:03:30

Крися, Hi!
also decided to look here)))

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