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Book Cover, anyone?

Author: kenlensenaldo / Uploaded: 11.12.18, 13:25:52

Hello! So, there we some friends of mine from wattpad who liked the covers I made them so I thought, maybe I should try making covers for the authors here as well. 

So, I don't make it for free but I will not ask for too much. Just a simple promotion of my one and only novel here will do.

Interested? Comment down below and follow this format:

  • Your pen name:
  • Title of your book:
  • A quote related to your book:
  • The feel/ aura of the book cover:
  • Details you want to see on your book cover:

Simple, isn't it? Comment down below right now and you can expect your book cover to be done ASAP!


Your Orders:

Cover #1: 7 Days by Teen.Catastrophe 


Cover #2: Broken Promises by AnneDyosa1443



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Anne Marie 12.12.2018, 12:45:02

Broken Promises
“Promises are like crumpled piece of paper, it’s still a paper yet, it's not the same piece of paper anymore”
Somewhat heartbreaking, yet there's a glint of hope.
I like pastel colors, like representing a glint of hopefulness in the story, and some dull and dark colors, like black and others.

Thanks in advance.. It's wattpad purpose

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Anne Marie 19.12.2018, 06:10:46

Thanks ☺

qudroh 12.12.2018, 08:21:09

7 days
"It takes only a second to fall in love"
Warm. A loving feeling between to college couples.
I like dull colours like deep yellow, black and white. Etc. I want a playful guy and a girl on the cover and the quote there. Keep it simple. I hate complicated covers.

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kenlensenaldo 12.12.2018, 11:36:04

qudroh, Done! Hope you liked it! And my novel's name is TINWYTTI:Our Story, please do promote it.
Thanks for using my service~

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