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The road of an author

Author: kenlensenaldo / Uploaded: 15.12.18, 15:05:36

I just want to share to you guys how I became an author. Just think of this as me wasting my time before updating my novel hahaha.

Actually, if you asked me years ago if I've ever dreamed to be an author, I would immediately say no. Writing was never my passion before - actually, I despise it so much. I've never written a good essay when I was a kid, neither did I write a poem nor did I appreciate literature.

From a literary hater, how did I became an author?

I'm not that proud of it but I never forgot that moment, when I first had a paperback book. Words literally floated inside my head like it wasn't supposed to be read but instead, felt. I always had an overactive imagination (I can actually manage my imaginations well), but when I continued "feeling" the story, my mind and my heart became one as if all my dreams and passions were erased.

You must be wondering, why was I not proud of it?

It's because I was embarrassed by myself. I thought, "how can someone change their goals and ambitions easily?" but I realized that the only thing that is permanent in this world was change.


Through this blog, I hope that people who aren't confident in writing their stories would be encouraged to start their own journey as an author. Never give in to other people's judgements! Just remember, someone like me who used to despise literary artworks is now addicted to it.




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Ruechari 16.12.2018, 22:33:06

Certainly glad you are. You're a good writer. You'd be cheating the world of your talent. And we should never allow ourselves to leave this world with our music unplayed.

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Ruechari 17.12.2018, 15:12:04

kenlensenaldo, Anytime ; )

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