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New Chapter up for Someone To Watch Over Me

Author: Ruechari / Uploaded: 15.12.18, 17:09:28

I'm going to try hard to get these chapters up quickly so those of you interested in reading do not have a long wait before getting back into the story. I have other novels I may like to post here but I was wondering if you all have a particular genre you'd like to read?

I currently have a Young Adult novels, Historical Romance Novel, Contemporary Romance, Paranormal Romance, Fairytale Romance. As you can see I have a lot of Romance Stories in fact, but I've written in other genre's as well. 

What's your favorite story to read and why?


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Nina Ainsworth 16.12.2018, 18:56:55


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Ruechari 16.12.2018, 22:28:38

Nina Ainsworth, *giggle* So have a preference of what you may like to see next?

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