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Staying True to Your Story

Author: B. Lois / Uploaded: 19.12.18, 01:01:55

How hard can that be?!

Honestly, it can be a bit of a challenge when writting a long narrative. so much is running through your mind and your fingers are itching to just pour out everything. DON'T DO IT.

Today, I almost fell for it. the characters were paning out amazingly everything was progressing as well as i planned and then i suddenly felt like i was going to run out of story before my book made it to twenty five thousand words. so i told myself I'll just make a tiny little change. No harm. No foul. If i never tell, the reader will never know. it was an amazing twist, but it wasn't my story.

so I challenged myself and pushed my characters and made them vulnerable, bare and ladies and gentlemen I got right back on track.

Don't settle for the easy way out. 

someone once said that when you write you set to tell a story of a man in search for his cat, don't give him the cat, make him work for it and when he is about giving up, make him work harder. Okay, no one said it to me, atleast not the way I just said it.

so here is what that little exercise produced  . . .

A sneak Peak at tomorrows update for my novel; "Gesiye". It's in the small town, big story contest. do subscribe to get all new updates.

I'll keep leaving you bread crumbs in every bog. Cross my heart.

I'm such a teasar! I know!


Gesiye cried deep fitful tears. Ina pulled her into a bear like hug, nesting the child’s head between her breasts.

Gesiye cried.

Rebecca could not stay to watch them, for like her little girl; her heart was breaking; breaking to know that the aged justice was to allow an injustice walk the earth free. So there in her room in the low flickering light of a lantern, Rebecca wailed into her pillow; because the tears of broken women were never to be heard in Ebiama. So she masked it beneath fluffy pillows, a mirage that all was right in the world.


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Ruechari 20.12.2018, 01:23:40

I do so love to torture my characters, but I always give them a happy ending. I figure it's the least I can do after all that torture ; )

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