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New cover idea

Author: Babs / Uploaded: 15.01.19, 15:54:14

This morning I did a rough sketch of a front cover idea I have for a short story, which I am yet to finish, it has been sitting on my iPad for years. I have been going through it and decided I am going to complete it and post it on here to see what you all make of it. It is titled The Storm and the image below is of Bǎihé (right) with her son Yúnlong and Kwon. Giggle it still needs a bit of work, but you get the idea :) Once I have got it all sorted I will be doing a coloured image.



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True Match 17.01.2019, 19:53:09

do you make all of your covers yourself? they are amazing

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Babs 18.01.2019, 01:15:50

True Match, Thanks so much. Yes, I do all of them myself, they may take me a while to get right, but I never paint them until I am satisfied :)

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