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Atomic America: Beta Readers

Author: SaraK57 / Posted: 11.06.19, 19:15:10

Would anyone be interested in filling out Beta Reader question's for Atomic America?  These answers will help me improve the story and help to figure out what readers like and want more of. If you're interested in doing the full questionaire -which would be absolutly amazing- then leave me a comment down bellow of a place I could contact you. If you don't think you could do a complete questionaire but still want to help, that's amazing! I listed a few basic questions down bellow you can answer in the comments section that could greatly improve this work:

1. Who is your favorite character and why?

2. What chapter has been your favorite to read so far and why?

3. What chapter has been your least favorite to read so far and why?

5. Did any scene stand out to you particularly and why? (Good or bad)

6. What are your predictions on what will happen in later chapters?

7. What are you hoping will happen in a later chapter?

Thank you so much for your time!


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Junior Batley 22.06.2019, 12:27:30

1. James, because he seems like a real badass guy
2. The wander. The world around the protagonist is really vivid
3. Can't really point out yet.
5.The part where he snatches the gun, turning the tables on his enemy, from the wander
6. Actually it's kinda unpredictable, so, fingers crossed!
7. ???

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Junior Batley 22.06.2019, 17:15:09

SaraK57, Sure thing :)

Christiane Knobel 12.06.2019, 18:05:59

I want to read it. But you've already published like 150 pages. It will take some time to get to the most recent updates... Can I write what I think here when I finish?

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SaraK57 13.06.2019, 00:17:15

Christiane Knobel, Of course! Everything that's published on litnet isn't the final copy. Once the first draft is complete it's going to go through numerous edits before being sent to a professional editor so no matter how late you give feed back there will be plenty of time! The only time it would be too late is once everything's completed but I'm not even halfway through completing the first draft so take your time!

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