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I'm back - feel free to decide if you're excited

Author: Andrew Bradbury / Posted: 11.06.19, 19:20:35

So I've had something of a hiatus over the last few months (read nearly a year!), as I had to take a second part-time job. On top of my daily daddy duties, the new combination of late nights and early mornings have made finding the time and focus to write, somewhat difficult.


My lovely lady has gone and found herself a new job! On its own, that wouldn't make too much of a difference, as she's still out all day leaving me with the little terrors, but it's a better paying job. With better hours. And subsequently, the change in our routine has allowed me to drop a couple of late nights and start actually feeling like a human being again. Hooray!

So I'm back to writing. My notebooks are still full of ideas and plots and I'm finally getting the chance to put some words on previously blank pages for you to read, critique, maybe even enjoy. At least, I hope so.

For those who follow me on here, I removed the books I previously had available as I wasn't happy with them. I've managed to get the first (Jupiter's Halo: The Lies) to a point I think I can live with and so it will be back up in full shortly.

On top of that, I've started another two series'. 

The first is another sci-fi, aimed at being a little lighter than the dark future I've painted in The Lies. 

The second is a murder mystery following the exploits of a manic-depressive detective with a tendency for self-destruction.

And the third is an action thriller where the main character is a psychopath struggling through an unwanted journey to becoming a relatively normal human being. 

I know there's a lot of genre hopping here and I apologise for that, but quite frankly my creative mind is a jumble and it's enough work just to keep it focussed on writing these books without kicking off on another three or four new tangents. 

Anyway, I'm writing again and I'm putting my words here for you to read. Comment, question, cajole, challenge or compliment as you see fit. I look forward to it.


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Shilee K. Thomas 12.06.2019, 08:16:42

Sounds good?

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