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Giveaway has officially ended 4 - Winners selected

Author: Ruechari / Posted: 18.06.19, 23:50:35

Thank you to all who had participated in the From the Ashes Giveaway. Four winners have been selected at random and notified by email with their promotional codes to download their FREE copy of From the Ashes. So, if you entered, please be sure to check your email to see if you have won. 


Thank you again for joining in the fun!


Ruechari aka Charity Rue


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Shiza Naeem 19.06.2019, 18:05:59

Where will we find out???on my fb account or yahoo mail?

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Ruechari 23.06.2019, 20:40:55

Shiza Naeem, I've sent you a reply.

diamond46 19.06.2019, 06:45:44

I'm sorry I missed the promo..

Thank you so much for the privilege though I have wasted it.

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Ruechari 19.06.2019, 14:36:50

diamond46, Sorry, you didn't win but trying is never a waste.

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