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The Perfect Place (on its way to finalization)

Author: Kane / Posted: 11.07.19, 17:56:54

Dear readers, 
You all that have read my book, "The Perfect Place" are probably wondering why I haven't updated the book in over a month. 
The reason for this is because I have been in school, (I went to a boarding High school, just like Ezra), but I just graduated and I plan on using the summer to finish the book for all and sundry to read. 
I'm sorry if I have kept you all waiting. 
Also expect more blog posts from me. I feel like this creative writing thing shouldn't only be based on story writing but self expression and communication of opinions and values. If one doesn't communicate an idea, then what really is the point of creativity. So expect personal opinions and ideas from me. I would love to have comments from you guys and questions; basically just participation. 
P.S my book is also published on Wattpad so if you feel much more comfortable reading there, you're free.
So let's see how much we can connect.

Thanks for understanding. 
Thanks for reading. 


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