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Hallie Schlauch

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futuristic, friendship, time in life


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Description of book "00:00"

The day starts at 24:00.
The day ends at 00:00.
Then it restarts.

Everything you do that day is gone.
Fell in love? Nonexistent. You two never had feelings for each other.
Committed a murder? No charges held. They’re alive the next day.
Accomplished a lifelong goal? Never happened. You need to do it all over again.

Elita Price, however, refuses to believe that. She believes that there is a way to stop the restarts. She became a changer.

Atlas Greene is the same way. He refuses to believe it. He believes that some things stay the same. He became a non-believer.

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Ciana Frost 10.10.2019, 05:25:37

Great story so’s really interesting!

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Hallie Schlauch 10.10.2019, 05:58:47

Ciana Frost, Thank you so much! :) Glad you're enjoying it!

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