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365 Days Without You


Text includes:
first love, breakup, coming of age


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#8 at New Adult & College
#4 at Contemporary Romance

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Annotation to the book "365 Days Without You "

When Clementine and her boyfriend of two years break up on New Year's Eve, Clem starts to keep a journal of everything she feels each day after their breakup. After allowing herself to be depressed for a while, she starts exploring life on her own for the first time.

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Heather Navy 16.01.2019, 15:57:16

hope you´ll publish more

Michael Knight 14.01.2019, 20:06:52

seems to be very nice, hope you´ll publish more

Jenny 13.01.2019, 15:36:53

starts so good

Brian Downtown 11.01.2019, 22:55:58

waiting for more

Heather Navy 10.01.2019, 22:29:32

a very engaging beginning

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CANDYCOATEDCAFFEINE 11.01.2019, 22:55:37

Heather Navy, Thank you ! Means a lot!

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