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There are four short stories thus far. Prompt one: A strange light appeared in the sky. A story of a young girl who is forced to leave her home. Prompt two: Reunion. Thirteen-year-old Sloan goes to find her birth mother. Prompt Three: Rivalry. Alice and the Mad Hatter both own hat shops across the street from one another. Prompt four: Forever and a day. Halo finds herself lost in a galaxy with her best friend, December. Prompt five: Pretenses. Stella gets her first chance to enter the real world--but it might not be what it seems. Enjoy! - Chara

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Hannah Parizo 10.09.2019, 14:23:24

Forever and a Day, I´ve enjoyed it

Marie Thomas 09.09.2019, 20:33:45

adorable collection

Julianna Gabriel 07.09.2019, 20:29:22

I love these - but Rivalry is probably my favorite! I'm fond of fairytale retellings.

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Chara 09.09.2019, 00:04:17

Julianna Gabriel, Says the girl who's never read Alice in Wonderland.

Roza Csergo 18.08.2019, 10:51:14

Well written stories. I enjoyed reading them. I like the cover too.
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Roza Csergo 20.08.2019, 07:06:16

Thank you so much. Really hope to read more of your work.

Celeste I. 19.08.2019, 00:32:51

Well, let's see. I feel like the first one has the potential to be longer as the story could continue in an interesting direction. The second one was bittersweet and nice, the third one was unique and had a charming conclusion, albeit a little rushed. The last one is probably my least favorite; I found it to be a bit confusing and tragic. The third one is my favorite, then the second, first, the fourth is last. (3 >2>1>4)

Well, you did all the prompts from the description. Is there going to be any more after that?

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Celeste I. 20.08.2019, 05:31:26

Chara, Again, you're welcome!

Oh, I should've known it was the contest, not the website itself — silly me.

That's neat, have you decided on which prompt you'll do then (If you want to do one anyway)? That'd be nice, but nothing lasts forever, hey, maybe you could make a separate collection of these that aren't related to the contest? You know, write based off prompts just for fun? It's just an idea; you don't have to go along with it.

Well, there's always an On-Hold button for the story, you can put it on hold if you're not sure what to do with this. Continue or not, that's up to you to decide.

It'll be interesting to see what other stories you can come up with; nonetheless, I see potential in your writing~

Angel Lederhouse 18.08.2019, 18:49:29

interesting and varied

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Chara 20.08.2019, 01:10:34

Angel Lederhouse, Thank you!

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