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A College Love Story

K.C. Waghela

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college, romance, young adult


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Not every love story,
has a happy ending.
Not everyone gets the love,
they'd tried acquiring.
Some love stories fail,
But live for eternity.
Some bonds are frail,
And are broken abruptly.
Love comes with happiness,
and sorrows indeed.
Getting love back,
isn't always guaranteed.

This story revolves around the life of two teenagers in their college time. Their love for each other is the same as any other teen couple - innocent and cheerful.

Not having any clue about what's going to happen tomorrow, they love each other at their best in the present.

Get ready for a romantic journey filled with crazy adventures, intimate scenes and heartbreaking moments between Vicky and Diya.

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Garima Verma 17.12.2018, 12:57:28

When will you update the new chapters...since 4th dec you haven’t updated anyone

Debbie Makafui 09.12.2018, 13:48:12

Does it only end at chapter 1?

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