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A Digital Age Courtship


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campus romance contest, faith, principles


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Gertrude North, the youngest of four sisters, finally embarks on college life. All her older sisters attended public, secular universities and no one knew who they were or who their church famous parents were. Tru on the other hand, felt led to attend Valiant University in Northern Arizona, where her mother, best-selling author and renown Biblical teacher, Celeste North, graduated in the class of 1990. Valiant University being the private Christian college it is makes it impossible for Tru to be invisible. But she could handle the spotlight. She dealt with it all her life. She arrives on campus ready to weed out the people who want to know her because of mother or her father Dr. Abe North (famous tv evangelist), and people who want to know her for her. She wasn't prepared to fall in love.

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