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A Killer Amongst Us: Book 1

Naakaree griffits

Series: A Killer Amongst Us

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thriller criminal, action thriller, thriller romance


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Description of book "A Killer Amongst Us: Book 1"

There is a tale that history doesn't want you to know... one where murder is the prime entertainment.
When Santa set out to create a superior breed of beings, the end result was a society of supremely honed weapons of war. What he created, was something the world didn't see coming.
He did not, however, expect them to escape, unleashing their powers onto the world before they were perfected. Santa had a wicked plan for his children, and let me tell you, you have never seen an orphanage like this one.
Thirty years later, his escaped children are coming to find him, and he, them. What have they been up to in the meantime? You will have to wait and see... With a hint of pure devilish enjoyment and faces sharper than thorns, the world was going to get more than they bargained for...

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Peter Bishop 27.01.2020, 13:12:41

I'm intrigued and want to know what'll happen next

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Naakaree griffits 15.02.2020, 23:08:53

I was wrong, chapter 15 is the last!

Ryo Francis 31.01.2020, 18:08:25

(1). Your story is riveting = i was completely hooked — read chapter 1 to 13 in one sitting.
(2). I love short chapters = easy to read :)
(3). Different timelines & pov switching were not confusing at all.
(4). Love some historical facts in fiction — Nazi human experimentation especially with twins. Though reading your story, it did gave me a Boys From Brazil vibe.
(5). Love some scientific facts in fiction — DNA and genetic engineering, but if i'm not mistaken — discovery of warrior genes (MAOA & CDH13) should come much later... but wait i forgot — this is fiction.
(6). Finally, i thought Damion is number 221 (chapter4) & not 155 — unless u r setting up some clever plot twist... i'm so sorry :(

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Naakaree griffits 04.02.2020, 00:34:32

Ryo Francis, Also, I have not heard of 'boys from brazil'. I will have to check it out.

Benn. C 31.01.2020, 13:52:21

I love your cover

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Naakaree griffits 04.02.2020, 00:33:24

Benn. C, Well, thank you so much!

Benn. C 31.01.2020, 13:54:08

your writing is fireee

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Naakaree griffits 03.02.2020, 01:45:53

Benn. C, Thank you!!

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