A Leap Out Of The Mire

Favour Okoye

Story about:
rape, adoption, pregnant


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#9 in Suspense
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Ongoing: 31 Oct 12 pages

Publication: 31.10.2019 — ...

Description of book "A Leap Out Of The Mire"

Pull on your seat belt because this story will drive through the gallops, exuberance, indecisions, sentimentality and growth of Adanna Blossom.

The setting was in Africa, Nigeria to be exact. It terms to draw the average mind, budding mind and also developed mind.

Adanna is a victim of rape. She never believed that once in her lifetime, will she encounter such unfortunate circumstances. Yet, she wouldn't give up due to a life that's growing steadily and surely inside her.

Her resolution was more surface than deep tending to draw her into the cobwebs of lies and more and more deceit. Find out if she came out unscathed or was burnt down by it all in this intriguing story.

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Giggi 01.11.2019, 23:49:40

let's see how you will develop it

Joko Fabela 31.10.2019, 18:24:48

very good beginning

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