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A Sunny Day


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Description of book "A Sunny Day"

Seven years have peacefully passed since Weirdmageddon, and now the Pine twins are back in Gravity Falls to spend their annual summer vacation with their grunkles and friends. But little did Dipper know that his secrets and actions will put him and all the people of Gravity Falls in danger.

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Ann Rivera 09.09.2019, 21:15:24

so cute

Kessily Brunet 08.09.2019, 13:33:02

absolutely enjoyable

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Serene 08.09.2019, 14:29:48

Thank you, Kessily : )

Tiffany Kole 02.09.2019, 19:51:13

what are these numbers in the beginning of the chapter?

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Tiffany Kole 03.09.2019, 12:36:09

Serene, you've intrigued me

Bertha Francis 01.09.2019, 18:33:55

danger, I love danger

Roza Csergo 01.09.2019, 09:25:20

Just started reading your work.
It's well written, the description hooks you and the prologue pulls you in making you want to know more. Looking forward to seeing where you take the plot and how you develop your characters.
Added your story to my library and followed you. Would you please consider following back?
I'd love to connect with you. Thanks.

The last comment in the thread:

Serene 01.09.2019, 14:45:19

Thank you so much for your kind words, Roza~
I hope you’ll enjoy my story till the end.
Much love~

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