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A Unique Kitsune

Kayla Nen

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Description of book "A Unique Kitsune"

Kayla Nen is far from your average nine-tailed kitsune. Despite her age, she still has plenty of stories to tell. So... why don't you come on in, stay a while and listen to the tale of a unique kitsune.

WARNING: Some chapters are R-16 (Ecchi) or R-18 (Erotic). These chapters have been labelled as such.
WARNING 2: In the R-18 sections, it helps to note that Kayla Nen is a futanari. This fact only impacts Erotic chapters. The Ecchi chapters are unlikely to use this, and the normal chapters won't.

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Ryo Francis 09.11.2019, 02:33:35


Souffle omelette - i like it already :)

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