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Academy of Elementals: Forbidden Grimoire


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Ongoing: 25 Nov 31 pages

Publication: 11.11.2019 — ...

Description of book "Academy of Elementals: Forbidden Grimoire"

There is a parallel world to our own, Onnarat, but on this world the inhabitants use the powers of elements and other magical creatures. During a war with the Army of Darkness almost five centuries ago, forced almost half of the Elemental humans onto our earth. Eventually the remaining Elementals were able to defeat the Army of Darkness and continue with their lives.

The five Elementals decided that a school should be built to help train future Elementals, if the Darkness ever came back. Pregsinns, Academy of Elementals takes in young Elementals across the land and even from earth.

Felix Sander's a regular teenager has his world flipped upside down when he discovers his family's truth and the gifts he receives. He must master his abilities before it is too late.

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Henry Brother 28.11.2019, 22:13:59

it's nice to read

Hillary Owen 27.11.2019, 01:15:58

continue your story please

Ryo Francis 26.11.2019, 12:58:09

Story is fascinating... I'm hooked

Writing is very good - easy to read :)

Ryo Francis 23.11.2019, 02:34:07

Harry Potter meets Avatar the Last Airbender :)

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Ryo Francis 26.11.2019, 12:53:54

Hannah Parizo, U do have a point :)

Nickolas Harbourt 15.11.2019, 19:20:15

one week for thinking

Peter Bishop 14.11.2019, 19:22:24

one week is not too much

Jeffrey Nighty 12.11.2019, 00:36:19

and if he has no power and she pushes him?

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Jeffrey Nighty 13.11.2019, 14:06:45

TheReallyBoredWriter, too risky

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