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Age of Wizards


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Ongoing: 19 Feb 23 pages

Publication: 10.02.2020 — ...

Description of book "Age of Wizards"

Vallenia, the greatest land on earth, ruled by lord Leonar, who's opressing rules against wizards' descendants pushed them to the edge of rage. and After their rebellion on him had failed, Heather Ainzworth's only brother, Raphael was one of the few who's been captured alive, and set in prison for a destiny of certain death as a sentence of rebellion.

Feeling guilty of not joining hands with their rebellion, she sets her quest of saving him from his bleak future, and even aiming on declaring another rebellion afterwards, along with her magical abilities and an outlaw called Jonathan, known as The Owl.

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L.M.A 16.02.2020, 08:20:37


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A.Debbah 16.02.2020, 14:45:55

L.M.A, Make sure to give me some feedback, points where u didn't like it, or critiques, so I can fix them to get better, thx

A.Debbah 12.02.2020, 19:04:10

Hello there dear readers, I don't know if you're already bothered by this but I apologise for two things:

1: I might sometimes make writing mistakes by leaving a word out of context in the sentences (like, it, and,can, etc...) Or missing a word, I'm so sorry for that.
2: I know I upload slow. With college and the issues I have with my laptop, I might not have all the time to spend on writing, but I'll figure a way to.

Thanks for reading, hope u a wonderful day, and I'm sorry again.

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A.Debbah 14.02.2020, 13:54:58

Lol, of course I won't, but sometimes I might not be able to upload. I'll do my best for you guys don't worry. Thanks

Izzy 13.02.2020, 05:42:24

cool:) I like it a lot already!

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A.Debbah 13.02.2020, 07:31:44

Thank you so much!!!, I really appreciate that, especially commenting, I hope you keep reading my friend!! Have a nice day!

Jake Youth 11.02.2020, 12:20:09

will you continue soon?

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A.Debbah 12.02.2020, 02:29:57

Jake Youth, Hi there my friend, I have just uploaded 5 pages I hope you enjoy, happy reading!

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