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Ali 9.3e

Josie A.

Story about:
artificial intelligence, android sex, short story erotica


Age restriction: 18+

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#2 in Science fiction
#22 in Erotic

Complete 26 pages

Publication: 21.01.2020 — 22.01.2020

Description of book "Ali 9.3e"

Ali is the most advanced Android created. She is not only highly intelligent, naturally curious, and independent; she is physically indesingishable from a human being. She is programmed to feel, learn, and make her own decisions. She is a truly full grown artificial human.

So what happens when she accesses the seedier side of the internet...?

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Ryo Francis 25.01.2020, 06:46:37

Good thing i am a 10.0a version of myself coz if i'm a 9.3e — i won't get any work done at all

Nice read — thanks :)

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Josie A. 26.01.2020, 10:50:55

Ryo Francis, I think I'm a 9.3f version. I write about it. :-D
I'm glad you enjoy it.

Lizzie Dunlap 24.01.2020, 02:01:48

so hot

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Josie A. 24.01.2020, 11:04:42

Lizzie Dunlap, Thank you. Glad you liked it.

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