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Anaya: A Dark Voyage

Boakye D. Alpha

Story about:
paranomal, death, voodoo


Age restriction: 18+

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#5 in Paranormal
#30 in Thrillers & Suspense

Ongoing: 24 Feb 14 pages

Publication: 03.02.2020 — ...

Description of book "Anaya: A Dark Voyage "

Anaya awakes from a month in a coma to find herself in an empty room - an abandoned pig slaughterhouse. Filled with horror, she tries to run only to be met with a sealed envelope drenched in blood addressed to her.

She opens the seal and finds a letter with the writings, "Dear Anaya, the body you are wearing used to be mine. I'm writing this letter to you for your survival."

Who is this person and why did she give her her body?
How will Anaya get the answers she needs when the only clue she has is a letter from a dead person?

Find out in "Anaya" as we voyage on the dark paths to self-discovery.


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