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Angelic Sword

Mister E

Story about:
angels, demons, humans


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#45 in Short stories
#89 in Fantasy

Ongoing: 14 Sep 3 pages

Publication: 14.09.2019 — ...
Contests: Once Upon a Time

Description of book "Angelic Sword"

Once upon a time, a War started off between Angels and Demons? Where? Well, on our amazing Planet Earth.

The Demons, wanted to turn Earth into another Dimension of hell. Their plans made possible once they got their hand on the Angelic Sword, a Sword powerful enough to open a portal. A portal which allows the Demons to walk upon the lands of Earth, mortal.

But, a boy. A simple teen. Found himself possessing the Angelic Sword. Which side will he aid?

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Marilyn Lucero 16.09.2019, 01:43:50

Hi! I've read your post in the writer's club so I followed you

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Mister E 16.09.2019, 10:12:32

ayeeee thanks.

Roza Csergo 14.09.2019, 15:54:44

Showing support to my fellow contestant.
Looking forward to seeing how you develop the storyline further.
Wish you good luck in the competition.

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Mister E 14.09.2019, 17:57:11

Thank you. What you've read above is a quick draft i've made last night, practically being half asleep lol. I wish you good luck in the competition and i'll be sure to support your content.

Ruechari 14.09.2019, 00:45:16

I see you got your story posted and added. A couple of points before we can approve your story. One of your stories genres must be listed as Short Story. Also, you must like and follow Litnet Authors Facebook, if your profile name differs from your name here on Litnet please email us what your profile name is so we can confirm. Our email address Thank you!

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Ruechari 14.09.2019, 14:45:47

Mister E, Thank you! Your story has been approved.

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