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Art is Falak's way of existence.
Applying for a Job in America, she thought her chances were slim.
To her utter shock, she got appointed in the Institute of Art in Los Angeles as a professor.
For months, She had to go through hell to be accepted and get accustomed.
Finding some new balance, the professor started to establish some comfortable routine.
Her fate seemed to be too cruel though. It had to throw her a curve-ball named "Adonis Kamber" , an American Artist copying the famous Bob Ross and making youtube videos for a living.
The arrogant man gets invited to co-teach with her as all consider him a famous influencer.
What happens when techniques, arts and cultures clash? Uproars, Clashes, Campus romances and more Art.

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Kamsiriyo Ibegbu 07.02.2019, 18:42:59


Ashley Lewel 01.02.2019, 19:05:23

cool story, sorry that it's not complete

Grace 31.01.2019, 12:08:58

interesting beginning, waiting for the updates

Catsoline Grace 26.01.2019, 20:19:48

truly nice

Tiffany Kole 22.01.2019, 14:24:39


Nicole Preedy 21.01.2019, 14:10:20

waiting for more

Michael Knight 19.01.2019, 14:29:36

need more to fully understand it

Kelli Callahan 19.01.2019, 00:29:17

I enjoyed it

Heather Navy 16.01.2019, 16:17:14

very nice and fresh

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Heather Navy, thank you so much

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